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Of late, we have been approached by a number of multinational organizations from various disciplines, asking us to provide special services to meet their specific manpower requirements. They have been impressing on us that they require not run-of the – mill product but highly specialized personnel with specific skills & we may have to resourt to head hunting. This suggestion has been accepted and adopted by us to meet specific needs.

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There have been other special services, where-if the client needs salary quotation and is prepared to accept our manpower on Secondment basis. In this scheme, we provide suitable manpower for specific need of the industry at agreed rates. These personnel are retained on the rolls of IMR & deputed to various clients. The entire responsibility servicing these personnel their salaries, perks, training, record, suitability, and availability is all looked after by IMR, thus relieving the client of day-to-day hassles of Manpower management and devoting their attention to productivity technological improvements & other important matters. The main advantage to the industry by this scheme is to get the personnel to meet specific demand. The peak Manpower needs and reduce strength requirements during the lean period is thus rationalized, avoiding any wastage by over staffing or shortage of manpower.
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